Flip Flappers – Ep. 5

I’m officially past where I originally left off in Flip Flappers so from here on out, it’s uncharted territory for me. So far, so good. I don’t know if I’m that enamored on the show but I’ve definitely been enjoying this considerably more than I did back in 2016. Hopefully, this momentum will keep going.

Oddly enough, there’s actually a timeskip in between Episodes 4 and 5. In fact, Cocona and Papika are currently 0-3 in regards to recovering the fragments before Yayaka and the twins can. It’s pretty disappointing, more so when the show still teases you with what those areas look like. If I’m going to watch a weird show, the show better not skim over any of its weirdness.

At least the Pure Illusion that we do get to see is great. Cocona and Papika find themselves in a near-replica of their school. The color palette of the place is noticeably more diluted and the presumed students of the area have warped faces and voices. Judging by the uniforms and the fact that the students live in the school, it seems that the replica represents the campus from a different time. More importantly however, the place seems to be under a one day loop created by a nearby clock tower.

Given the setting, Flip Flappers is going for more of a horror vibe this time around and there are a couple of moments that manage to creep me out. The most disturbing is when Cocona and Papika first try to escape outside and inexplicably begin to bleed all over their bodies and lose consciousness. I presume this to have something to do with the rain but you’re not given a concrete explanation. Combined with the sudden imagery, it makes for a very unsettling moment. Another moment that comes to mind is when the two try to figure out what’s causing the time loop and in one of their attempts, the students creep up on them and does who knows what. Rather than fluidly animate them walking, the show uses a bunch of jump cuts every time they get closer and that makes them come across as even more dangerous.

Something that gets brought up in this episode is how Pure Illusion affects its visitors. When Yayaka shows up, she doesn’t seem too affected by the time loop. Comparatively, Cocona gradually figures out what’s going on while Papika forgets entirely why she’s in the place to begin. Yayaka comments that this is due to a difference in resolve and vague as that may be, that has me thinking. Papika is blatantly into the adventures while Cocona secretly/gradually is. They embrace Pure Illusion for what it is and perhaps due to that mindset, they are consistently affected by the areas they adventure in. Yayaka seems to treat her adventures entirely as a job, hence her being less affected.

Another thing Yayaka brings up is Cocona’s reason for adventuring. It’s true that Cocona doesn’t have a great reason as to why. Her best answers are the adventures being fun and because Papika is her friend. Yayaka also reasons that Cocona’s personality compels the latter to succeed in the retrieving the fragments even if it’s dangerous and not all that meaningful to her. Both points are valid though I do wonder if that’s really a bad thing. These adventures are giving Cocona a much needed change of pace in her life and Cocona probably feels that most determined and motivated she’s ever been. I also wonder what Yayaka’s stake in this is. Perhaps this is her way of caring for her friend though it’s hard due to how harsh and condescending she sounds when she talks. It is nevertheless interesting that she relents when Cocona says she’ll continue to work with Papika and stop her (not to mention, allow our heroines to keep the fragment this time around). Yayaka could make Cocona stop with force and yet, she doesn’t resort to that. I hope the show will explain what her deal is soon.

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