Flip Flappers

Flip Flappers is officially available on HIDIVE.

Episode 1

Style over substance? We’ll see. I can’t deny that this show has style tough.

Episode 2

What a wild adventure this turned out to be.

Episode 3

And now they’re magical girls…well okay then.

Episode 4

Even in real life, things get weird.

Episode 5

Got a horror vibe going this time around.

Episode 6

Are there any other Iros I should know about?

Episode 7

Change is inevitable.

Episode 8

The obligatory swimsuit episode usually don’t involve giant robots.

Episode 9

Yayaka, you’re in an anime. Fighting Cocona will only make the two of you closer.

Episode 10

Finally, some answers.

Episode 11

Wait, who’s the villain again?

Episode 12

A very satisfying end to Cocona’s arc.

Episode 13

I look forward to the day 3Hz delivers their A-game again.