Flip Flappers – Ep. 9

This episode serves as a much needed check-in on Cocona’s two most pivotal relationships. Following that one time Papika called her “Mimi”, Cocona feels awkward around her and begins to wonder if her friend may have been using her to replace Mimi. This results in a temporary rift between the two. Meanwhile, Yayaka learns she’s going to be replaced (said replacement is curiously referred to as a child of the Amorphous fragments) and is given one more chance to steal all of the fragments Cocona and Papika. The ensuing conflict pretty much examines Yayaka’s entire history with Cocona.

Yayaka actually gets the lion share of attention this time around. Cocona and Papika’s relationship is addressed more sparingly and I’m kind of shocked about that. Like, you see these two bicker with each other on a myriad of things but that’s kind of it, really. For a while, I expected to see their powers falter because of their rift. After all, if their powers get stronger by syncing their feelings than surely they must get weaker if they fight with each other. Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen and the girls are able to Flip Flap just fine. That could be chalked up to sloppy writing but I actually think their bickering becoming water under the bridge is actually the point. Though they fight for a bit, both Cocona and Papika still care for each other. They’re still close and that’s more than I can say compared to Cocona and Yayaka.

Finally after nine episodes, you learn about what Yayaka’s deal is. A flashback reveals that the two of them have been friends since childhood and Yayaka befriended Cocona in a hospital (I can’t help but think there’s more to why Cocona was there). Later, you learn that Yayaka did this because she was ordered to do so by her organization, implying she’s been working for them for possibly her whole life.

Conflict is definitely the word I’d use to describe Yayaka. Even though she insists the mission comes first, she does make it clear that her disdain towards Papika is rather personal. She doesn’t like how her foe acts so close to Cocona despite the fact that those two have only recently known each other while Yayaka has known Cocona for years. And speaking of Cocona, you do finally have a fight between those two. I like the difference in how those two fight, Cocona being more on the defensive while Yayaka relentlessly attacks her. Another neat detail is how the crystal cave the two fight in begins to project images of Yayaka’s memories (it’s the gimmick of this episode’s Pure Illusion). So as the fight continues, Yayaka shatters one of the crystals, thereby mirroring her willingness to cut ties with her friend if it means fulfilling her goals.

Even though Yayaka ends up winning the fight, she nevertheless wavers at the last second. The twins order her to carve out Cocona’s own amorphous fragment which would likely kill Cocona (either physically or maybe even because she no longer has her fragment). Ultimately, Yayaka can’t bring herself to do so which results in the twins attacking her. That Yayaka shields Cocona from their attacks is a nice touch that further emphasize her true feelings.

Given the events of this episode, we’re kind of left with Toto and Yuyu as the villains. I’m not sure how I feel about that. To be honest, I tend to take them for granted because of their robotic personalities and how Yayaka overshadows them. This episode does try to push a more ominous angle on them. A moment that sticks out to me is when Yuyu reads Yayaka and Papika’s lips and deliberately gives the wrong information to Cocona, presumably to pull our heroines apart. It doesn’t seem to work in the end though it does hint a more cunning and more devious side to the twins. There is also the new henchman to consider. Her appearance too brief to discern anything about her but I do hope that she’ll make for an effective antagonist.

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2 thoughts on “Flip Flappers – Ep. 9

  1. So I started watching this series thanks to your episode reviews here. I had just caught up to you at episode 4 when Crunchyroll pulled the plug on the series! I ended up buying it off Rightstuf when they had it on sale, since I was enjoying it enough, and it finally arrived last week. So I’ll probably catch up with you again right about the time you finish reviewing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looking forward to any comments you drop in the future 🙂

      Yeah, Flip Flappers is licensed to Sentai Filmworks so the show got pulled from Crunchyrolll as part of a big purge two months ago. Sentai and Crunnchyroll tend to be on and off as business partners but it nevertheless sucks. I have a VRV subscription so I at least can still watch via the HIDIVE stream (and that has the Blu-ray masters for Flip Flappers which is great).


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