Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – September 2020 Edition

It’s September so schools are reopening and I’m working again. The school I work for is starting the year remotely (thank goodness) and there’s no set window for when people can come back to the building. Whatever lies ahead, I’m overall going to be busier. I’m a little worried how the blog will be affected, especially given how last year went. Hopefully, I’ve learned from that experience and will be blogging better this time around.

Weekly Schedule

Mondays Lapis Re:LiGHTs
Tuesdays Healin’ Good Pretty Cure
Wednesdays Free Day
Thursdays Free Day
Fridays Free Day
Saturdays Flip Flappers | Rent-a-Girlfriend
Sundays Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Subject to change and I might not be able to follow this 100% due to a variety of reasons. Any posts that miss the deadline, I’ll finish finish them on a Free Day.

Also, I have removed Series Reviews from the rotation. I haven’t written as many as I’d like to due to the five anime I’m covering (especially YuYuYu) and since I’m working again, I should play more on the safe side. That said, I am working on some reviews, all of which relate to anime returning this Fall. They’ll just be out sometime this month and whenever they’re finished as opposed to a strict deadline.

Scheduled Posts

  • 9/15 – Fall 2020 Season Preview
  • 9/30 – Summer 2020 Final Rankings

Anime Episode Reviews

  • Summer 2020 Anime – Dropped Deca-Dence coverage halfway through; I wasn’t feeling it with that show and something needed to go in order to make the lineup more manageable for myself. I’m committed to finishing coverage for Lapis Re:LiGHTs and Rent-a-Girlfriend.
  • Fall 2020 Anime – I plan on scaling down to three shows for coverage and I’ll make my picks in advance as opposed to during the season. I prefer experimenting on a bunch of shows and five is my preferred number but I have to keep in work in mind.
  • Healin’ Good Pretty Cure – Ideally, I would like to review this show to completion but I’ve also never reviewed an anime this long and there may be something in the Fall that tickles my fancy more. I’ll re-evaluate my decision to review this in the coming weeks. Other than that, the first twelve episodes are finally out and I do plan on retroactively writing something about those.
  • Flip Flappers – Ends on September 26.
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero – “Ends” on September 27.
  • Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story – It was close but I finally finished reviewing this show and did so in August like I wanted. Feel free to read my reviews here. I’ll worry about Season 2 when I get there.

Episode Re-Reviews

My re-reviews for Princess Principal will finally restart on September 14 and conclude on September 25, exactly two years when I started my first attempt at this project. The first three posts are the ones I actually managed to write, just re-edited and re-dated to this month. After that, I’m redoing the episode reviews I didn’t get around to back then. Another thing to note is that I will be following the home video episode order and yes, it actually is different from the broadcast order (that’ll be something I’ll address in the re-reviews).

I’ve also set a window for Laid-Back Camp Season 1: December 14 to December 28. The reason why it’s a 15 day span is because I’m including the Season 1 OVAs in there.

Regarding The Quintessential Quintuplets, I haven’t set a window for it as I’m actually thinking I won’t cover Season 2 in Winter 2021. That season has a lot of returning shows that I could cover and to be honest, I don’t feel confident I can cover all of them. I’m still weighing on this though.

Finally…remember Granblem? That magical girl mecha battle royale anime from last year? Apparently, it’s getting a Blu-ray release in November, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks. I won’t lie, I’ve been thinking of retroactively covering the show in episode reviews. I actually really regret that I didn’t do so at the time. Maybe I’ll see how re-reviewing Princess Principal daily goes and see if I want to do the same for Granblem.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • 2017 catch-up has been going well. It’s just been a slower process since I sometimes need to focus on the seasonal anime instead. I’m feeling less confident I’ll get a Top 20 list by the end of this year but that’s fine.
  • Still would like to cover manga. Probably won’t do Spy x Family first though. It’s been months since Volume 1 came out so the ship has sailed for me there. The series is great though and I would like to talk about it in some way (someone greenlight an anime adaptation).
  • Been transferring screencaps from various first impressions posts to Imgur to free up WordPress storage space. I do this on and off because there’s a lot of images to sift through, a lot of them are in a different PC, and Imgur embeds take longer to set up compare to letting WordPress make the galleries for you. I’ve also updated the posts’ footer to its current form.
  • As I transfer screencaps, I’ve also added those first impressions to the respective archive page. The page looks considerably more robust now.

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – September 2020 Edition

    1. Feel free to watch at your own pace and read the re-reviews whenever. There’s no rush. I’m only doing the daily model to try it out and because I’ve already covered the series before and have a basis of some kind to go off on.


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