Lapis Re:LiGHTs – Ep. 10

Am I really nearing the end with Lapis Re:LiGHTs? It honestly doesn’t feel that way. Part of that is due to us technically being in the middle of an arc though I also chalk it up to the show only recently getting invested with its own plot.

As much as I have a soft spot for this show, I do question how cleanly Lapis will stick the landing with its ending. Like, I expect Tiara’s own arc and LiGHTs’ academic troubles to be resolved in some fashion but some elements I’m not so sure on. Are the magical beasts, which the show keeps teasing about, actually going to play a part in some way? Will the show do anything more with Yue and her connections to the two princesses? It’s hard to tell with two episodes left.

Time will of course tell so let’s focus on what has happened instead. In this episode, Tiara arrives home and we finally are properly introduced to Lady Eliza. Considering all the secondhand information we’ve gotten about her, one has to wonder why Tiara has an estranged relationship with her sister. Evidently, Eliza acts really cold towards her these days. The two of them can barely hold a conversation with each other and in one way or another, Eliza repeatedly tells Tiara to her face to give up on becoming a witch. I also couldn’t help but notice Eliza’s demeanor and tone of voice. Undoubtedly, she’s displeased with Tiara’s actions but angry doesn’t quite fit the bill. She sounds more emotionless and disconnected. Frankly, it’s unnerving.

Some hints are thrown around as to what Eliza’s exact deal is. Tiara’s maid, Anna, almost lets a piece of vital information out, heavily implying that Eliza played a role in our princess’s expulsion. At this point, it feels all but confirmed. A flashback scene depicts more of Tiara and Eliza’s childhood. Eliza is shown to be the kind sister we’ve been told of in previous tidbits and it’s revealed that Tiara’s, uh, tiara was originally Eliza’s. Most suspiciously, Eliza shows similar symptoms to Tiara’s illness after passing on the crown and after that, she becomes the stone cold person we see now. For the record, I checked and Eliza was wearing the tiara in Episodes 7 and 8’s flashback scenes so whatever happened to Eliza, it happened after attending school and saving Yue’s country.

My guess is that somehow, Eliza transferred Tiara’s illness onto her via some magic. Maybe it’s a terminal illness and Eliza chose to die in her sister’s place. It could very well be through the crown since Lapis has hinted at something magical about it during the music number in Episode 8. How this ties to Eliza not wanting Tiara to become a witch, I’m not sure on. I suppose once Eliza is gone, Tiara is the sole remaining heir to the throne so maybe Tiara doesn’t really have time to study in magic. It doesn’t really hold water though considering that Eliza managed to do plenty of stuff just fine. We’ll learn soon enough. The end of the episode has Chloe telling Angelica/Angers something very important and chances are, that has something to do with Eliza and Tiara.

With all the drama between Tiara and her older sister, what might the rest of LiGHTS be doing? Sneaking into the royal palace of course! Why are they sneaking in? Well, even with Rosetta’s royal credentials, it’ll be three days for an appointment with Tiara to be scheduled. That sounds awfully intentional though it could very well not mean anything either. Regardless of that, the gang takes matters into their own hands and trespass private property. I swear, I could play a game of bingo with the random stuff that happens in this show. How could I have anticipated this?

And I’m not kidding when I say they’re sneaking into the palace. Rosetta uses some invisibility magic and takes everyone through an underground shortcut she and Tiara used to use. Lynette uses her tome to create a fake wall for everyone to hide behind. Ashley straight up karate chops a guard into submission. Lavie unsurprisingly has the worst stealth skills ever. A chase scene ensues between the girls and the guards. Ashley and Lynette run into Eliza and try to fight her which is a neat opportunity to show how powerful Eliza truly is. It’s so random and I love every minute of it. There’s even an interesting takeaway in that for a group of expelled students, who were in the lowest rank no less, these girls sure know their magic. It’s almost like them getting expelled really was unjust.

Suffice to say, the girls manage to meet with Tiara. The gang is all together once more and Tiara regains her resolve in becoming a witch. What I don’t get is Tiara’s friends freeloading and studying magic in the royal palace. Surely, Eliza is aware of all this and if that’s the case, you’d think she’d put a stop to it as this is awfully counterproductive to what she wants for Tiara. Honestly, I’m surprised she lets Ashley and Lynette go after besting them in combat. She knows who they are and yet, she lets them go be with Tiara again? I just don’t get it. Maybe the next episode will elaborate on this.

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