Rent-a-Girlfriend – Ep. 9

Oh, so now we’re back to focusing on Ruka. Okay then. Also, apparently Kazuya and Chizuru are still pretend dating. I guess that’s on me for taking that for granted. Rent-a-Girlfriend didn’t exactly give any indication that those two are done with that act. Still, isn’t that a bit weird? Won’t that just complicate things? Kanokari itself certainly seems to think so.

If, somehow, I didn’t think Ruka would be a troublesome presence, I most definitely do now. She may only be a few years younger than Kazuya and Kazuya is hardly the most mature young adult out there, but the difference in how they perceive and approach romance is still pronounced. A lot of Ruka’s decisions scream naive to me from bringing Kazuya to a hotel room without realizing the implications tied to such an action to crashing in on Kazuya’s New Year’s celebration and trying to introduce herself to his folks as his girlfriend while Chizuru is there also. To some extent, I can’t blame Kazuya for finding Ruka a thorn on his side.

Conversely, I think Ruka also has a point. Why is Kazuya and Chizuru still pretending to be a couple? I know it’s to appease their crazy grandmothers but they can’t do this indefinitely and they know it. Are they even doing it to help Kazuya grow as a person? That whole justification feels abandoned at this point. Granted, Ruka herself complicates the matter and there is timing to consider but she’s right in that Kazuya is potentially better off “breaking up” with Chizuru and introducing her to his folks. Honestly, I was really hoping for Ruka to spill the beans to Kazuya’s grandmother. A shame she doesn’t do it because that would make sense and draw the story to a close.

I can’t help but feel bad for Ruka. Kazuya not reciprocating her feelings towards him is fine, he currently has no reason to feel that way, but can the guy at least give the poor girl a chance? He neither seems to take dating Ruka all that seriously nor does he even pretend to enjoy his company, let alone try. And this show wants me to think he’s trying to become a better person. I was especially appalled when he lied to his family that Ruka is a pathological liar in order to justify Ruka’s claims about their relationship. Even if Ruka brought it upon herself, that’s a low move and it bugs me that Kazuya pretty much gets a free pass on this. He doesn’t even get scolded by Chizuru and this seems like something she’d scold him on. I know Ruka is going to lose but would it hurt to be a bit more subtle about it?

Something I don’t get is why hasn’t Ruka told Kazuya about her heart condition. Would it make Kazuya fall in love with her? Not necessarily but it’d at least give the guy some much needed context for why Ruka is doing the things she’s doing and sympathize with her. Honestly, besides Ruka being a stubborn teenager and the fact that we’d admittedly have no story if this happens, I’m surprised Ruka hasn’t tried looking for someone else who gets her heart pounding. Surely, someone else fits the criteria.

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