Poll #3: Winter 2021 Catch-up

As mentioned in my announcement post, I want to make up for my inactivity throughout the past Winter and much of this Spring season by covering two shows from each season. I’ll personally pick one show myself but for the second one, I’m going to let you guys take a vote. This poll is for Winter 2021’s anime. I’ll do a poll for Spring 2021 after the season concludes.

Also, I realize this poll means that I am not continuing off of the second poll from last year and giving the shows that lost there another chance. I still plan on featuring Humanity Has Declined and Sound of the Sky in a future poll. I will not include Charlotte however.

Anyway, the poll ends on Wednesday, June 2nd. Results as well as my personal pick will be shared the following day, June 3rd.

Thanks for reading!

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