Poll #3 Results

Final results of the third review poll:

Winner of the poll is Horimiya! I’ve only seen the first episode of the show (that’s actually the case for all the shows I put on the poll) so for all intents and purposes, I’m going to watch the whole show blind. I ask anyone who has seen it all the way through to refrain posting spoilers in the comments.

My plan for the other three shows is watch them on my own time and possibly write a series review for each of them. That said, maybe I’ll include them again in a poll encompassing the whole year of 2021 (I’ve been considering something like this for every year I’ve been blogging).

As for my personal pick, I will be covering Idoly Pride. I will fully admit that this is a pretty niche choice, maybe a bit underwhelming even (this is maybe why I rarely pick stuff myself…). Why this one? I’ve simply heard that this show is actually pretty good and that surprises me because I’ve seen the first episode and it seemed pretty insane at the end. I can’t help but be curious and I imagine it’d have no shot at winning the poll so I made it my personal pick.

Coverage for both shows will begin this weekend. There will be a two week hiatus in July to accommodate for the Summer 2021 premieres and coverage will resume after that.

Thank you to everyone who voted in this poll. As always, I really appreciate taking the time and pitching in here.

There will be a poll for Spring 2021 after that season concludes.

Thanks for reading!

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