Genshin Impact Character Review – Traveler (Anemo)

The Anemo Traveler is a 5-Star Anemo Sword Character and is the first element available to the Traveler, effectively making them the very first character players can get for free. It is obtained by having the Traveler resonate with a Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt. While players will use the Anemo Traveler as their carry at first, due to a lack of better options, they are more suited to serve as a support unit.

The Anemo Traveler’s kit follows Anemo’s theme of crowd control and redistributing other elements with the Swirl Reaction. Their Elemental Skill, “Palm Vortex”, is a mini-vortex that deals Anemo DMG to enemies in front of the Traveler and push them back once it expires. It can also absorb Cyro, Electro, Hydro, or Pyro and deal additional damage of that element. While you can press the Skill button for a quick hit, you ideally want to hold it so that Palm Vortex lasts longer and deals more DMG. Meanwhile, the Traveler’s Elemental Burst, “Gust Surge”, is a tornado that’ll pull objects and enemies towards itself and dealing continuous Anemo DMG to them. It has the same absorption property as Palm Vortex and it will continously move forwards until it either expires or hits a wall.

As a means for crowd control, the Anemo Traveler is very situational. Assuming the enemies are lightweight, both of the Traveler’s Talents move them away from you and ideally, you actually want enemies grouped towards you so that they’re easier to hit, especially if your carry is lacking in AOE. Enemies being moved away from you means you’ll have to sprint over to them to continue the fight, costing you some Stamina and wasting seconds if you’re fighting on a timer. Conversely, these Talents work pretty favorably in defense-based objectives such as Ley Line Monoliths as moving the enemies away means your objective is less in harm’s way. Against larger enemies, the Traveler is incapable of pushing the back. Admittedly, this is something all Anemo characters are incapable of doing so this shouldn’t be a point against the Traveler. While Palm Vortex is unaffected by this, Gust Surge suffers greatly as its DoT is reliant on enemies being trapped by the Burst. If the enemy is too big to be pulled in, the Burst is borderline useless for the player. I suppose you could get the enemy stuck to a wall as a workaround but that’s easier said than done.

Conveniently, all six of the Anemo Traveler’s constellations are obtainable for free. Two of them can be obtained by progressing through the Prologue of the main story. A third one is sold by Marjorie in Mondstadt’s Souvenir Shop. The last three are rewarded to you after reaching a certain Adventurer Rank; the last one being rewarded at AR 46 (which I’ll admit is a little ridiculous). C6 is easily the best Constellation as it gives Gust Surge the rare ability reduce an enemy’s Anemo RES as well their RES in any element the Burst absorbs. The latter can be stacked with 4-Piece Bonus effect of the Viridescent Venerer Artifact set, adding up to a 60% RES debuff. C1 and C4 respectively allow the Traveler to draw enemies in with Palm Vortex and take reduce DMG when casting it. This allows the Traveler to better perform CC and more efficiently use the Hold version of the Skill. The only Constellation I’d consider mediocre is C2, which increases the Anemo Traveler’s Energy Recharge by 16%. It’s neat but it’s also a little redundant. As a support, you ought to build the Traveler’s Energy Recharge anyway.

If you have no other Anemo characters to work with, especially since Genshin currently only has two 4-Star characters for this element, the Anemo Traveler is a perfectly fine candidate to consider. For CC, I think F2Ps should consider Sucrose as her Talents draw enemies in (much preferred than pushing them away) and she has additional utility as an Elemental Mastery and DMG Bonus buffer. Sucrose fulfills the same job as the Anemo Traveler and frankly does it way better. That said, Sucrose requires getting lucky with the gacha as well as a substantial amount of investment while the Anemo Traveler is available for free, not to mention very early into the game as well.

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