Genshin Impact Character Review – Traveler (Geo)

The Geo Traveler is a 5-Star Geo Sword Character and is the second element available to the Traveler. They can be obtained for free by having the Traveler resonate with a Statue of the Seven in Liyue. Their intended role is that of a support that reflects Geo’s theme of constructs and shields.

The Geo Traveler’s Elemental Skill, “Starfell Sword”, is basically a miniaturized, substantially less cooler version of Zhongli’s Elemental Burst. With this Skill, the Traveler summons a meteorite that will strike the ground and deal AoE Geo DMG. Pressing the button will automatically target an enemy though I don’t recommend this as enemies can walk out of range before the meteorite lands. Fortunately, you can instead hold the button and manually aim the meteorite. You will need to be very quick as aiming leaves the Traveler stationary but it’s worth doing to better ensure you attack exactly as intended.

Meanwhile, their Elemental Burst, “Wake of Earth”, is an AoE ult that attacks in a series of 4 seismic shockwaves. After dealing DMG, the Burst will leave behind a barrier made out of stone at where the shockwaves subside. While Talent info promotes the barrier’s ability to block enemy attacks, particularly projectiles, its real advantage surfaces when you start getting the Geo Traveler’s Constellations (more on that later).

Like other Geo characters, the Traveler can provide shields to their team via the Crystallize Reaction. In theory, the Traveler can provide 100% uptime of Crystallized shields. Elemental Shards last 17.5 seconds on the field and their shields last 15 seconds. At A1, the Traveler can use Starfell Sword every 6 seconds, meaning that they can trigger Crystallize and reliably refresh their shield before the previous one expires. Bear in mind however that this uptime only works if the shields generated by Crystallize are also strong enough to last for at least 6 seconds. You need Elemental Mastery to improve a Crystallized shield’s health and you don’t really build EM on your Geo characters as they want more offensive stats to compensate for the lack of bonus DMG in Crystallize. Those reliant on shields are probably better off with someone who can naturally create a shield with their kit such as Diona.

While combative utility is really what matters for a Genshin character, it is worth noting that the Geo Traveler possesses some value with regards to exploration. Being a Geo Construct, the meteorite created by Starfell Sword can be used as platforms to help with traversal. In Liyue, the Geo Traveler is almost mandatory to have for exploration as the region is filled with puzzles involving pressure plates or placing objects on specific spots. The only other F2P character who can kind of do this job is Amber; her Baron Bunny can be used on pressure plates. Even then, the Geo Traveler is preferred due to their applicability as well as the duration of their meteorites (a solid 30 seconds at C0).

Conveniently, all six of the Geo Traveler’s constellations are obtainable for free. Two of them are obtained by progressing through Chapter I of the main story while the remaining four is sold by Xingxi in Liyue’s Souvenir Shop. While you might as well run the Geo Traveler at C6, you at the very least want them at C1. With this Constellation, Wake of Earth buffs the active character’s CRIT Rate by 10%, provided that they’re inside the barrier left behind by the Burst. This is one of the few innate CRIT Rate buffs found in Genshin and this alone makes the Geo Traveler something to consider having in your team comp. The second best Constellation is C6 as it extends the duration of the constructs the Geo Traveler can create. In particular, this lets the barrier created by Wake of Earth to last 20 seconds. Against a 15 second cooldown and so long as Energy is a non-issue, you could have the CRIT Rate buff 100% of the time thanks to this Constellation.

For whatever reason, the Geo Traveler is the most obnoxious of the available three Elements to build. Whereas the Anemo Traveler needs Talent materials from Mondstadt and the Electro Traveler needs the respective set from Inazuma, the Geo Traveler needs materials from two regions. They need the Mondstadt set for their Normal Attack and the Liyue set for their Elemental Skill and Burst. This is in addition to the fact that the Traveler already wants materials from different days of the week, as opposed to just one day like every other character in Genshin. If you consider getting their Talents past Lv. 6, you’ll also need to get drops from two different weekly bosses. For Normal Attack, you want Dvalin’s Sigh from Dvalin (the same material the Anemo Traveler wants). For Elemental Skill and Burst, you want the Tail of Boreas from Andrius. Why is the Geo Traveler set up like this? I have no idea and evidently, miHoYo realized this is dumb as they didn’t pull the same thing with the Electro Traveler. As a support unit, the Geo Traveler only needs their Skill and Burst leveled up but that doesn’t change the fact that building this character is a potential headache.

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