Genshin Impact Character Review – Lisa

Lisa is a 4-Star Electro Catalyst character from Mondstadt. She is obtained for free during the Prologue of the Main Story. Her Constellations can be obtained via the “Wanderlust Invocation” standard banner as well as with Masterless Starglitter in “Paimon’s Bargains” during the months of May and November. Lisa serves as a sub DPS support unit for your team.

“Violet Arc”, Lisa’s Elemental Skill, works in two ways. If you press the Skill button, Lisa will fire an electrical orb that’ll hone in on opponents, dealing Electro DMG and triggering a small explosion. Each hit can also apply the “Conductive” status onto an enemy and this effect can stack up to three times. If you hold the Skill button for approximately 2 seconds, Lisa will charge up and attack in a significantly larger AoE. DMG dealt this way is increased based on the number of Conductive stacks an enemy has. At Lv. 6, the Hold version of Lisa’s Skill at 3 stacks has an impressively high multiplier of 682.08% which is a whopping 234.02% more than the multiplier at 0 stacks.

Given the high multiplier, as well as the lengthy 16 second cooldown of the Hold version, you ideally want to apply the maximum of three Conductive stacks before holding Lisa’s Skill. This technically entails pressing the Skill button three times, which each has a cooldown of 1 second. There are however a couple of mechanics that can speed this process up. In addition to a direct hit applying one Conductive stack, the small explosion that follows suit can apply an additional stack onto anyone affected within its radius. Additional stacks can be obtained when Lisa triggers either Superconduct or Overloaded, 2 with a direct hit and 1 within an AoE. Environmental hazards such as electrified water or burning grass can increase these gains by 1. At A1, Lisa gains a passive that allows her Charged Attacks to apply a stack. A common point of criticism against Lisa is that her Elemental Skill takes too long to execute. By taking advantage of all these mechanics, stacking Conductive really shouldn’t take too long. I do however admit that it merits more setup compared to other Talents of other Electro support units.

A huge disadvantage to Lisa’s Elemental Skill is that the Hold version will leave Lisa out in the open to get hit. Getting hit can result in Lisa getting interrupted and getting interrupted means you have to hold the Skill button and try again. If the enemy is particularly strong, Lisa might straight up die in the process. Because of this, it’s all but mandatory to have a Shield on Lisa as you hold the Skill button. Otherwise, you have to be very bold and very good at finding the right opportunity to execute her Skill undisturbed.

For her Elemental Burst, “Lightning Rose”, Lisa casts the eponymous object which will then continuously deal Electro DMG at enemies within its radius for 15 seconds. This Burst can attack a total of 29 times which can make up for the rather low multiplier for each discharge (51.18% at Lv. 6). A common misconception is that the Burst will knock enemies out of its radius and while this is stated in the in-game description, this really only happens if enemies are already airborne upon getting hit. Otherwise, smaller enemies will get stunned while larger enemies aren’t affected in any way besides taking DMG.

While Lisa’s Burst works fine by default, it becomes much more worthwhile when you unlock the character’s A4 passive. This Talent gives the Burst the ability to decrease enemy DEF by 15% for 10 seconds. DEF debuffs are currently hard to come by in Genshin and they count as a separate effect from the usual Elemental Resistance debuff so this passive gives Lisa a strong selling point within the game’s meta. Adding to the appeal is the potential 100% uptime. While technically on a 10 second timer, every single one of Lightning Rose’s zaps refreshes the duration of Lisa’s A4 passive. It can therefore persist even during the Burst’s downtime. Players can further the appeal manually by equipping Lisa with the Noblesse Oblige Artifact set. The 4-Piece bonus of this set allows anyone to increase their team’s ATK by 20% for 12 seconds, thus pairing nicely with Lightning Rose’s DEF debuff.

As mentioned earlier, Lisa’s Constellations can be picked up in the Standard Banner and during select months of Paimon’s Bargains. Unfortunately, these make Lisa an incredibly difficult unit to get to C6. With no guarantee for anything, the Standard Banner is a black hole of luck and money, even for a whale. If you’re that unfortunate with your pulls there, it’ll take you about three years to get all six of Lisa’s Constellations with Starglitter. I personally got Lisa to C6 by Version 2.2/November 2021 and that required getting her from Paimon’s Bargains twice and a lot of luck with the Standard Banner (which I very rarely spend money on).

Those lucky and/or rich enough to get them may be pleased to find that each and every one of Lisa’s Constellations are useful for her. C1 garners Lisa 2 Energy for every opponent she hits while charging her Elemental Skill. A maximum of 10 Energy can be obtained this way, which can help a bit with regaining her Elemental Burst. C2 increases Lisa’s DEF and resistance to interruption while charging her Elemental Skill. Having a Shield is still better but those who want to fight dangerously will find this Constellation pretty useful. At C4, all 29 discharges of Lisa’s Burst can shoot at least one extra spark (with three being the max), greatly increasing her Burst’s DPS. If it wasn’t for how late and rare it is, I’d say this is the recommended Constellation level to shoot for. The sixth and final Constellation gives Lisa the ability to automatically apply three Conductive stacks to any opponent near her when she takes the field. If you’re good at utilizing Lisa’s mechanics to get stacks, you don’t really need this Constellation. I also find that you have to be very close to the enemy for the Constellation to proc, which can be annoying and dangerous. That said, this Constellation can make using Lisa’s Skill much easier and allow her to switch to your carry much more quickly.

Lisa is often overlooked by Genshin players and understandably so. Her being a starter character is certainly a factor and for a starter character, her Elemental Skill is rather complex and her Elemental Burst requires advancing far enough into the game to unlock its full potential. It also doesn’t help that Lisa has some stiff competition in the form of Beidou, Fischl, and Kujou Sara. You have plenty of other options for an Electro Sub DPS and all of them are bound to perform better than Lisa one way or another. If you give Lisa a chance however, you’ll find that she can perform pretty admirably. Her Elemental Skill can be satisfying to pull off optimally while her Elemental Burst is great for Electro application and debuffing.

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