Genshin Impact Character Review – Bennett

Bennett is a 4-Star Pyro Sword character from Mondstadt. In addition to the gacha, he can be obtained with Masterless Starglitter in “Paimon’s Bargains” during the months of May and November. Bennett primarily serves as a support who can do just about anything from sub DPS to healing to buffing.

Much of Bennett’s value to the player can be attributed to his Elemental Burst, “Fantastic Voyage”. After performing a jump attack, Bennett leaves on the ground an “Inspiration Field”, which provides a supportive ability depending on your active character’s current HP. If they are at or below 70% HP, the Inspiration Field will heal them based on Bennett’s Max HP. Once their HP reaches past 70%, the AoE will instead provide an ATK Bonus based on Bennett’s Base ATK (i.e. his own ATK stat from ascending plus the flat ATK stat of his weapon). Additionally, the Inspiration Field will apply Pyro onto your active character throughout its duration. While that can be disadvantageous in certain situations, this effect can be helpful in others, primarily for the purpose of cleansing.

Not only is Fantastic Voyage a versatile Talent, it does both of its roles extremely well. While more dedicated healers can provide more potent healing, Bennett will often suffice in almost every situation. Despite the HP restriction, the Inspiration Field created by Fantastic Voyage is capable of healing you to or near full. Even if your active character is at 69% HP, the healing will still tick and with sufficient HP and/or Healing Bonus, a single tick can restore a ton of HP. Furthermore, the Inspiration Field heals at an alarming speed, seemingly ticking every second throughout its 12 second duration. Bennett heals faster than every other healer in the game, only narrowly beating Kokomi who heals every 2 seconds with her Bake-Kurage.

Meanwhile, the ATK Bonus provided by the Inspiration Field can be an extremely important contribution to your team’s offense. At Lv. 90, Bennett’s base ATK is at 191. The lowest base ATK that you can get from a 4-Star Sword is 454, giving Bennett a total of 645. At Lv. 6, Fantastic Voyage’s ATK Bonus is equivalent to 78.4% of this stat. So with average investment, Bennett can buff your active character’s ATK by a very respectable 505. The ATK Bonus will of course get even better the more you invest in Bennett. 5-Star weapons will provide Bennett with some of the highest base ATK he can possibly get. Getting Fantastic Voyage to Lv. 10 will give its buff a 100.8% ratio which is downright insane. If you wonder why the more recent Kujou Sara has lower scaling for her ATK Bonus, there you go. It’s because Bennett’s scaling is way too good, especially for a 4-Star character (that you can even get for free no less).

Fantastic Voyage especially shines when you get Bennett to C1. This Constellation disables the HP restriction of the Burst’s ATK Bonus while also adding 20% to its current ratio. Your active character can now get buffed while getting healed at the same time. At Lv. 6, the ATK Bonus has a 98.4% ratio, nearing the base ratio of a Lv. 10 Fantastic Voyage (which subsequently becomes an even more absurd 120.8% with this Constellation). With C1, Bennett’s utility improves more than it already was at C0 and the fact that this is only his first Constellation is extremely hilarious and F2P-friendly.

Conversely, Bennett’s Elemental Skill, “Passion Overload”, is the more underwhelming combat Talent of the two. If you press the Skill button, Bennett will perform a swift strike of Pyro DMG. Alternatively, you charge the strike by one or two levels for extra DMG at the cost of a longer cooldown. The Level 2 Charge has an additional drawback of launching Bennett away from his target. While hilariously in-character and Bennett takes no DMG from this, getting launched will unnecessarily add time to your Rotation and decrease your overall DPS. Bennett’s A4 passive does make this less of an issue by disabling the launch effect when Bennet charges inside the AoE of Fantastic Voyage but even then, it’s still not worth using.

For the most part, you’ll strictly be using the Press version of Bennett’s Elemental Skill. It has a low cooldown of 5 seconds and it can generate 2 Pyro particles with each use. With Bennett’s A1 passive, the cooldown is reduced to 4 seconds. His A4 passive can further reduce the cooldown to 2 seconds so long as the Skill is performed inside the AoE of Fantastic Voyage. Both of these passives combined, Bennett’s Skill becomes a very consistent means of dealing Pyro DMG. Furthermore, this makes him a very good battery unit, either for himself or other Pyro units who need a lot of Energy for their Bursts such as Xiangling and Yanfei.

Oddly enough, Bennett is a rare case where you might not want said unit at C6. His sixth and final Constellation gives Sword, Polearm, and Claymore characters a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus and, more importantly, a Pyro Infusion. The problem with this upgrade is that it can completely ruin Bennett’s synergy with certain teammates. It can override other Infusions such as Chongyun’s Elemental Skill, Keqing’s Skill, and Ayaka’s Alternate Sprint. Characters such as Razor and Eula, who have no business dealing Pyro DMG outside of meme builds, will not want this Infusion either. A common tactic that you’ll see from Genshin players is that they’ll deliberately leave Bennett at C5, even if they have the Stella Fortuna to activate his C6 and the game obnoxiously tells you that you can activate it by putting a red dot over his menu icon. Once you activate it, there’s no going back and depending on who you main, you may have to readjust your comps by a ton should you bite the bullet. Benentt’s C6 is also the reason why the option to toggle Constellations is one of the most common requests made by players. And to be honest, I don’t know why that isn’t an option (seriously miHoYo, it’s been over a year, just give us the option already).

I would however argue that having Bennett at C6 is not as detrimental as people make it out to be. Fact of the matter is that most carries in Genshin aren’t really affected by it. Characters such as Noelle, Xiao, and the Raiden Shogun cannot have their Infusions overridden and can therefore still take advantage of Fantastic Voyage. Since Bows and Catalysts don’t count, characters such as Ningguang, Yanfei, Ganyu, and Tartaglia can still team up with Bennett just fine. Pyro melee characters such as Diluc and Xiangling will actually want the Pyro Infusion as well as the Pyro DMG Bonus. Xiangling in particular benefits greatly from these effects, becoming a more viable carry with the Pyro Infusion and allowing the player to take greater advantage of her fast Normal Attacks. Bennett himself can also use the Pyro Infusion and become a carry though I will say that his Normal Attacks feel sluggish compared to Xiangling’s.

Bennett is borderline broken. He’s a jack of all trades but a master of all, excelling at just about anything you need him to do once you get him the right build. His kit is so good that one has to wonder how it even got past testing (not that I’m complaining) and the fact that he’s a 4-Star character makes his utility and value all the more hilarious. Those with 34 Starglitter to spare should absolutely consider getting Bennett from the shop (and again for that C1). I would normally not advise pulling for a 4-Star character unless you’re a whale (and even then that can be risky) but Bennett is one of the few 4-Stars that I would consider to be a must-pull. He’s a valuable asset to have in almost every team. The only thing to consider is whether or not you want him at C6 as it does affect what teams Bennett can fit into, augmenting some and ruining others.

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