Genshin Impact Character Review – Eula

Eula is a 5-Star Cyro Claymore character from Mondstadt. She can only be obtained via the “Born of Ocean Swell” Event banner. A semi-selfish carry, Eula specializes in dealing Physical DMG against her opponents.

When Eula casts her Elemental Skill, “Icetide Vortex”, she performs a quick spin attack that deals Cryo DMG. This is her main method of performing Elemental Reactions, namely Superconduct. There are two versions of the Skill depending on your input. The Press version is quicker and possess a short cooldown of 4 seconds. It also yields Eula the “Grimheart” effect, which increases her DEF and resistance to interruption; this can stack up to 2 times. Holding the Skill button will result in a longer animation and a longer cooldown of 8 seconds. As tradeoff, this possess a higher multiplier and a larger AoE. If Eula has Grimheart stacks, the Hold version of her Skill will consume them to deal additional Cryo DMG and afflict Cryo and Physical RES debuffs onto her surrounding opponents.

Given how Eula’s Elemental Skill works, it is ideal to use it in a sequence, pressing the button twice to gain Grimheart stacks and then holding the button to consume them. Since the Hold version always has a cooldown of 8 seconds, it is best to use it when you have the two stacks. Using it when you just have one or none at all is pointless. By that same token, it’s ideal to stop using the Press version after using it to stack Grimheart. There is a strategic incentive to spamming the Press version as doing so will refresh your number of stacks and keeping them can help with Eula’s survivability, especially if you lack a shielder on your team. However, not consuming your two Grimheart stacks means you’ll miss out on the Physical RES debuff, which can be extremely helpful when used in tandem with the Superconduct Reaction or when used against enemies where triggering said Reaction is impractical.

“Glacial Illumination”, Eula’s Elemental Burst, is currently one of the strongest ults in Genshin Impact. After dealing Cyro DMG, Eula creates a “Lightfall Sword”, a time bomb that follows her for up to 7 seconds before then exploding for massive Physical DMG. In the intervening 7 seconds, you want to use Eula’s other Talents to charge the Lightfall Sword. With each direct hit, you get a stack and the more stacks you gain, the more DMG the Lightfall Sword will deal upon impact. A maximum of 30 stacks can be obtained for the Lightfall Sword. If for whatever reason you want to detonate the Lightfall Sword prematurely, you simply need to switch characters (hence why I consider Eula “semi-selfish”). 

The stacking mechanic of Eula’s Elemental Burst is key to her DPS. At Lv. 6, the base multiplier of the Lightfall Sword is 533.5%. While that alone is quite good, charging the Sword will make it even better. Each stack you gain will add 109% to the base multiplier. At 30 stacks, this sums up to a ridiculous 3,270%. These numbers will of course get even higher should you raise Glacial Illumination past Lv. 6. In the open world, you can afford to detonate the Lightfall Sword prematurely, almost immediately after conjuring it even. Most enemies are weak enough to die to Eula’s Normal Attacks anyway. But for bosses and endgame challenges such as the Spiral Abyss, charging the Lightfall Sword is a must. The DMG potential is simply too good to ignore.

That said, it is extremely difficult for a pre-C6 Eula to get 30 stacks into one Lightfall Sword. As mentioned earlier, one direct hit from Eula’s combat Talents nets you one stack so you need Eula to deal 30 direct hits for 30 stacks as well as within the 7 seconds the Lightfall Sword stays on the field. Needless to say, this is easier said than done. It’s maybe doable with some Attack speed buffs but very few units in Genhin offer one and even less synergize well with Eula overall. To be fair, the impracticality of getting 30 stacks is justified when you consider the staggeringly high multiplier attached to them. And regardless of whether or not your Eula can pull it off, you should always try to charge her Lightfall Sword as much as you can.

Another caveat to Eula’s Elemental Burst is its hefty cost of 80 Energy. Unfortunately, Eula’s Elemental Skill is a pretty poor source of Energy. The Press version only yields you 1.5 Cryo particles while the Held version gives you 2.5. Bear in mind that this is every 4 and 8 seconds respectively. Even if you build Energy Recharge on her, Eula on her lonesome isn’t enough to supply the Energy she needs for her Burst. While Cryo Resonance is a little difficult to enjoy when you’re frequently triggering Superconduct, you nevertheless want to consider pairing Eula with another Cryo unit if you are to reliably get her Burst off cooldown. 

For a battery unit, the two best options are Diona and Rosaria. Both characters provide a handful of Cryo particles that Eula will appreciate. The choice between one over the other boils down to preference. Diona provides more defensive utility by creating a shield and healing with her Elemental Burst. Rosaria is the more offensive option, providing a CRIT Rate buff with her A4 passive. If you have her at C6, she can also provide a Physical RES debuff with her Elemental Burst (though Eula’s own debuff plus Superconduct is usually enough for most battles). Stacking CRIT Rate on Rosaria for her respective buff also means that she can use Favonius Lance to great effect, becoming an extremely effective battery unit, not just for Eula but for her whole team as well. Diona can utilize a Favonius Bow for the same effect though bear in mind that stacking her HP for her utilities takes priority over stacking CRIT Rate. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and what you need on your Eula team. I personally prefer Rosaria for her offensive utilities and easy use of the Favonius Lance. I also just use her because she’s a waifu and I hate Diona as a character…

As Eula ascends, she gains passives that better allow her use her two combat Talents in tandem with each other. With her A1 passive, Eula can summon a miniaturized version of the Lightfall Sword after casting the Hold version of her Elemental Skill with 2 Grimheart stacks consumed. While obviously not as strong as the actual time bomb, the addition of a mini-nuke gives greater incentive for Eula to use the Hold version of her Skill. It now being able to deal Physical DMG makes it a lot deadlier. The mini-Lightfall Sword also counts as Burst DMG so like the real deal, it can utilize any Burst DMG Bonus or passives relating to Elemental Bursts. At A4, Eula gains the ability to reset the cooldown of her Skill and gain a Grimheart stack upon casting her Burst. A way to take advantage of this is by using the Press version of Eula’s Skill once, casting her Burst to gain a second Grimheart stack, and then using the Hold version to consume both stacks at once. This allows Eula to quickly and immediately apply her built-in Physical RES debuff after casting her Burst, which can then allow the Lightfall Sword to hit even harder once it detonates.

As a Physical carry, the only Elemental Reaction Eula needs to concern herself with is Superconduct, the combination between Electro and Cryo. This inflicts a 40% Physical RES debuff onto an enemy. With Eula being a Cryo unit, you’re already halfway there and you just need to team her up with an Electro unit. Fischl is the most obvious and most-F2P friendly option as she can summon Oz to deal Electro DMG entirely off field. At C6, Oz can coordinate with all of Eula’s Normal Attacks, provided that he’s within range to do so. The only downside is that once Eula casts her Elemental Burst, you can’t switch back to Fischl to reposition Oz. For a more “premium” alternative, there’s the Raiden Shogun. Raiden can also deal Electro DMG off field with her Skill and unlike Fischl, you do not need to worry about positioning as Raiden’s Skill follows your active character. Another incentive to consider is Raiden’s Elemental Burst, allowing the Archon to act as your carry during the downtime of Eula’s Burst while also supplying the latter with Energy. The one nitpick I have with this pair is that Raiden’s Skill does not proc against shielded enemies, potentially leaving Eula with just her Claymore to break their shields.

While not really what you should opt for, Eula being a Cryo Claymore unit does open the possibility for a Shatter comp, something which an Electro Physical carry such as Razor can’t easily do. Technically, Eula herself can’t freeze an enemy on a frequent basis. Even at the lower cooldown, her Elemental Skill can only apply Cryo ever 4 seconds, just enough time for an enemy to unfreeze. Meanwhile, her Elemental Burst does not apply Cryo after the initial hit. With her Cryo battery teammate however, there’s enough Cryo application for an enemy to get consistently Frozen and enable Eula to trigger Shatter. The lack of Superconduct used in this scenario can be compensated by Eula’s built-in Physical RES debuff from her Skill as well as the bonus CRIT Rate provided by Cryo Resonance (making this one of the few times Eula can consistently enjoy the latter). For a Hydro support unit, Xingqiu is the best choice. His Elemental Burst is such a good enabler for any Hydro-related Reaction. However, Xingqiu is also needed by almost every other carry in Genshin. An alternative to consider then is Barbara. Her Skill is a poor source of DMG but it can consistently apply Hydro as well as provide healing for Eula. It also follows Eula, thus allowing her to reposition should an enemy move away from her after she shatters them.

Like with every 5-Star character, I can only recommend getting Eula’s Constellations if you absolutely have the money to burn. Eula does possess an amazing sixth and final Constellation. This gives the Lightfall Sword 5 stacks by default and grants Eula a 50% chance to gain two stacks instead of one with every direct she lands with her Talents. Getting the maximum of 30 stacks becomes feasible with this Constellation, making it a godsend for Eula’s DPS. That said, it is locked behind around a thousand dollars or an astronomical amount of luck. It makes sense for this to be Eula’s last Constellation but it’s nevertheless a scummy move on miHoYo’s part.

Those willing to spend a little bit of money (and by a little bit, I mean a couple hundred dollars…) or try their luck will at least rejoice that Eula’s first two Constellations are solid upgrades. C1 gives her a 30% Physical DMG Bonus for 6 seconds, for every Grimheart stack consumed when using the Hold version of her Elemental Skill. The duration of this buff doubles when you use to stacks so Eula can have this buff throughout the entierty of charging her Lightfall Sword, especially when using the A4 combo mentioned earlier in this review. Meanwhile, Eula’s C2 reduces the cooldown of her Skill’s Hold version to 4 seconds, identical to that of the Press version. While not a direct DPS boost, it allows Eula to gain and use 2 Grimheart stacks in slightly less time. This is also slightly helpful for a Eula equipped with the Pale Flame Artifact set as having both versions of her Skill cool down in 4 seconds allows her to maintain the 7 second buffs of the set’s 4-Piece Bonus effect 100% of the time.

Eula is Genshin Impact’s premier Physical DPS unit, occupying the niche and performing exceptionally well in it. With some of her numbers cracked up the wazoo and a number of built-in buffs and debuffs, Eula is more than capable at dealing high Physical DMG in some of the toughest fights in the game. And at least for me, she has a fun playstyle to boot. In particular, her Elemental Burst is one of the most satisfying ults in the game, especially when optimally executed. If you’re in need of a carry and you’d like one that is more outside the norm, Eula is someone to strongly consider pulling for.

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