Genshin Impact Character Review – Fischl

Fischl is a 4-Star Electro Bow character from Mondstadt. In addition to the gacha, she can be obtained with Masterless Starglitter in “Paimon’s Bargains” during the months of January and July. Fischl primarily serves as a Sub DPS support for her team. 

Almost all of Fischl’s Electro DMG is attributed to her raven companion, Oz. When using her Elemental Skill, “Nightrider”, Fischl summons Oz onto the field, who will then act independently from her and deal continuous Electro DMG for 10 seconds. Pressing the Skill button will summon Oz next to Fischl though you can alternatively hold the button to manually position him. If you’re able to, summoning Oz near enemies will deal AoE Electro DMG independent from Oz’s attacks. Additionally, pressing the Skill button again at any point during the 10 second duration will resummon Oz to Fischl’s current location. This can be difficult to utilize in a team led by a selfish carry but this otherwise comes in handy when enemies get out of range, especially if you’re running an Overload team comp.

Technically, Nightrider has a 25 second cooldown and therefore results in a lengthy 15 second period of downtime. However, this can be compensated with Fischl’s Elemental Burst, “Midnight Phantasmagoria”. Upon activation, Oz makes a quick flight, taking Fischl with him and dealing Electro DMG to anyone in his path. After that, Oz remains on the field for 10 seconds, performing the same task as he does when summoned via Nightrider. This duration is independent from that of Fischl’s Elemental Skill and it will override the latter if Oz is still on the field.

With this in mind, you ideally want to alternate between Fischl’s Talents to have Oz on the field as much as possible. Cast Fischl’s Elemental Skill first and once her Elemental Burst is ready, cast that to reset Oz. By the time her Burst expires, your Skill will soon be up to rinse and repeat. Naturally, if Fischl’s Burst is available at the start of a fight, you should cast that first. There is no point in saving it since it’s essentially a second charge of Fischl’s Skill and Oz will generate Energy for her anyway. If you do everything right, Oz should be on the field for 20 seconds with only 5 seconds of downtime as opposed to the 15 you would see when only using Fischl’s Skill. You will need Energy Recharge to alternate between Fischl’s Talents but fortunately her Burst costs 60 Energy. A weapon’s secondary stat, an Artifact Sands piece, or a bunch of Artifact sub stats should provide Fischl with enough ER, even if she’s your lone Electro unit in a team.

While this kit works fine at C0, Fischl really wants to be at C6 in order to be a competitive Electro Sub DPS unit. Fischl’s sixth and final Constellation extends Oz’s field time to 12 seconds and allows him to coordinate additional attacks with your active character’s Normal Attacks equal to 30% of Fischl’s ATK. With this, Oz’s downtime cuts down to just one second and you can essentially have him on the field throughout an entire battle. The coordinated attacks means Oz is better directed towards your desired target. Most importantly, the additional attacks will allow him to speed through Internal Cooldown and enable several more Elemental Reaction procs. For reasons beyond anyone’s understanding besides miHoYo’s, Fischl’s Internal Cooldown follows a 4 hit rule as opposed to the traditional 3. More than most other units, Fischl needs something to counter her ICD, thus making her sixth Constellation crucial to her DPS. Unfortunately, it is the sixth and final one for Fischl to unlock and getting that far with a 4-Star character can be easier said than done due to the RNG of 4-Star drops in Genshin’s gacha system.

Mileage will frankly vary on Fischl’s first five Constellations. C2 and C4 provide a DMG boost to her Talents but these appear to be for the initial summoning DMG and not Oz’s Electro attacks. They’re nice to have but you won’t reap the benefits if you summon Oz at a distance from your opponent(s), which you typically do in combat. Fischl’s C4 does however have an additional bonus of healing her for an amount equal to 20% of her HP. For whatever reason, Fischl isn’t invincible while using her Burst so her C4 can keep her from dying in the process. And if nothing else, it’s an extra heal so it never hurts to have it. Otherwise, you really only see a massive improvement with Fischl when she reaches C6.

If you so desire, you can alternatively use Fischl as a Physical DMG carry. Her Normal Attacks multipliers aren’t the highest but they’re also very fast, making them pretty good for DPS. Bow characters also have solid 4-Star weapons for Normal Attack DMG such as Rust (which is available in any banner) and the Compound Bow (which is craftable). Alternatively, you can Aimed Shot cancel for Physical DPS though this is only recommended if you’re on PC and play with mouse and keyboard. For this build, you actually only need Fischl at C1 to shine. However, this Constellation is awkward to utilize. It allows Oz to deal a coordinated Physical attack with Fischl’s Normal Attacks equal to 22% of the latter’s ATK. The only problem is that this passive only procs when Oz hasn’t been summoned to the field with Fischl’s Skill and Burst. Unless you use a Charged Attack, you need Oz to set up Superconduct and decrease the Physical RES of Fischl’s opponent(s), thus making it tricky to efficiently use Fischl’s C1. For Superconduct, almost every Cryo support will do but Diona is really the only unit that allows Fischl to proc the Reaction while firing arrows from a distance.

If you’re in need of an Electro Sub DPS, you can’t go wrong with Fischl. With the right build, she provides off field Electro DMG almost all the time, making her very good for any Reactions involving that Element. That said, she really wants to be at C6 and I also must point out that you do have other Electro supports that you can consider such as Beidou (who is also available in Paimon’s Bargains).

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