Here Lies My Hopes and Dreams for My Blog – February 2023 Edition

Some site announcements and a little bit of reflection down below…


Here’s the current Episode Review lineup:

  1. [Backlog] BOCCHI THE ROCK! – 6/12 eps.
  2. [Backlog] Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) – 7/13 eps.
  3. [Backlog] Love Live! Superstar!! (Season 1) – /12 eps.
  4. [Backlog] Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Great Mankai Chapter – 7/12 eps.
  5. [Winter 2023] The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – 2/12 eps.

To my embarrassment, I made zero progress on the episode review backlog. I was busy trying the Winter 2023 premieres in the first half of the month. After that, I got busy writing and updating the 4-Star characters given away in Genshin Impact‘s Chinese New Year event, something that I wanted to do last Chinese New Year but wasn’t able to finish. So yeah, the seemingly neverending journey of rounding out the backlog continues on. Sorry about that.

I’ll resume work on these posts this weekend. I would really like to finish Laid-Back Camp and Yuki Yuna this month. Not counting my original attempts, I’ve been trying to cover these shows for half a year now. I seriously need to finish these two.

Regarding Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire, I was going to cover it in episode reviews and I did write one for the first episode. However, based on how January went, I decided that it’d better for me to just stick with one seasonal show this Winter. I apologize for the last minute change. As for why Reborn to Master the Blade is getting booted off and not The Magical Revolution, I simply like what I’ve seen of the latter show more.

For the fifth spot, I’m thinking of covering the first season of Love Live! Superstar!!. I considered covering the first season back in 2021 and I’ve been meaning to finish one of the Love Live series so I figured I could cover it now. I was going to opt for Horimiya, and I still plan on covering that show, but in case I decide to cover Superstar Season 2 and with Season 3 possibly airing this year, it makes more sense to me to start covering Superstar ASAP. I’ll admit that I do feel awkward about covering Superstar as I still have Nijigasaki High School Idol Club on hold. But again, with Superstar getting a third season, I feel I should prioritize that series. Maybe someday I’ll finish covering Nijigasaki.

As mentioned in last month’s “Hopes and Dreams”, I’ll finally get to Horimiya when I finish one of the backlogged shows. I have some ideas on replacement shows for the the other three spots but I haven’t fully decided on anything.

Video Games

For Genshin Impact, I’ll be posting a guide/review for Yelan. I wanted to finish writing one during Version 2.7 but I was hitting burnout with covering Genshin and the game itself so I put it the draft on hold. 3.4 Phase 2 seems like a good time to get one done or at least make more progress in it. I’d like to also update my Hu Tao post but I’ll leaning towards doing it if I get her to C6 (mine is currently C1). I will pull for Dehya in 3.5 but again, I’d probably write about her if she’s C6. Right now, I largely feel inclined to write about a character if I have them at C6, mainly because I feel so much more informed about their kit that way and to keep my output of these posts in check.

While I do feel bad at how pre-occupied I got with writing or updating my posts for Genshin‘s Chinse New Year event characters, it was satisfying getting them all out. I regret how it all fizzled out last year so I’m happy with the do-over. Hopefully for next Chinese New Year, this endeavor will be a lot less time consuming.

As for Tower of Fantasy, I was going to write a post for Annabella. Timezones aside, her banners dropped on my birthday. I couldn’t resist being a simp for a waifu releasing on that occasion so I ended up getting her to A6. However, by the time I was done with writing or updating my Genshin posts, there was only a few days left in Annabella’s banners and I didn’t feel like cutting things close. I’ll probably get a post done when she reruns. Another thing to note about ToF is that Version 2.3 is raising the level cap to 90. Any posts I write for the game’s characters/weapons will be put on hold until I reach that level cap.

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