The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady – Ep. 3

Now that it has been agreed on, Euphie makes the transition as Anis’s assistant (and roommate). At the beginning of the episode, we see that all of her possessions have been cleared out, presumably transferred to Anis’s place. In a later scene, we see some of the royal staff dispose of items intended for Euphie’s tenure as queen. This includes an official portrait of her and the wedding dress that she was going to wear for her wedding. These moments sink in how much Euphie’s life has changed and what little she can do to fix it, apart from moving on I mean.

Aside from moving stuff, Euphie also returns a privilege formerly granted to her by her engagement to Algard. It’s the key to Eren’s basement “the forbidden library”, presumably owned by the royal family. King Orfans is okay with Euphie holding onto it but Euphie insists on returning it as per protocol. It’s possible that the key and the forbidden library is a MacGuffin to show the regressed position Euphie is now in but given the “camera’s” emphasis on the key and the time spent on it, it’s hard not to think that this will play a bigger role in later episodes.

As I had hoped in the last episode review, Orfans and Grantz launch an investigation into the incident between Algard and Euphie and the prince’s allegations against his ex-fiancée. While definitely the logical thing to do, it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made as both sides are adamant with their testimonies. One tidbit that does arise however is when Euphie admits to her father and the king that she doesn’t think Algard and his supporters accused her out of malice but rather out of conviction and righteousness. Assuming Euphie is on the money, this implies that Algard and his supporters didn’t come up with the allegations to support Algard’s own agenda but rather it was convenient fuel that they obtained from an outside source. Perhaps the funniest part of the investigation is Orfans and Grantz acknowledging the potential lack of cooperation from the more conservative members of the nobility. Talk about accurate.

Over at Anis’s place, the princess has Euphie try some of her gadgets, both to lighten to mood and to break the ice between them. The first is Anis’s lightsaber mana-powered blade. Euphie being able to power the blade makes sense but it does make me wonder then how Anis is able to use it when she has no magical affinity. After that, Anis has Euphie try the broomstick. It is really funny how Euphie has Anis swear that she’ll hold onto her, only for Anis to go against her word. It’s like a child talking to their parent when they try a bicycle without training wheels. At the end of the episode, Anis creates Arc-en-Ciel, a magic sword specifically designed for Euphie. As Anis points out, the name means “rainbow”. I can’t help but think it’s a little on the nose. Like, Anis explains she named the sword that because it allows Euphie to channel different elements but given that Anis is a lesbian, it’s hard not to think that the name has a double meaning to it.

There’s a recurring moment throughout the episode where someone tells Euphie that she is now free to do what she wants. Even though that is true, it doesn’t seem to make Euphie feel any better. Rather, it makes her feel empty. After all, she spent her whole life preparing for a goal someone else gave her. Now, what is she supposed to do? That’s probably one reason why Euphie agreed to work with Anis. It at least gives her some sort of direction. What’s really sad is how this affects Euphie’s relationship with Anis. In contrast to Euphie, Anis pretty much does whatever she wants. Euphie admires that about Anis but she also envies it. She wants to be more like Anis but she doesn’t know where she’d begin to do so. Anis’s intention is to help Euphie but it seems that her presence in the latter’s life is creating the opposite effect.

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