Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) – Ep. 11

Note: I am watching Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) blind. Please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments.

So following the hike around Mt. Misujiyama, the Outclub makes one last stop at a hot spring in Nishiizu before finally reaching their campsite, located near Cape Kogane. For the second episode in a row, I am once again asking where the capybaras are. I’m guessing this show is saving it for last, alongside a reunion with the Iida family. At this point, it would be really funny if everyone has forgotten about showing Akari capybaras and they don’t realize that until they’re back in Yamanashi. I know I’m harping on this point but darn it, this show promised me animated capybaras.

I was wondering at what point does Toba-sensei break out the booze. I neglected to mention this in the last episode review but the show does reveal that Toba-sensei has been sober for almost a whole month. That is impressive but at the same time, it also means that Toba-sensei is going to break that streak sooner or later. Dinner would be the most appropriate time (and boy did Toba-sensei come prepared for that) but that would be too predictable. So hilariously enough, Toba-sensei accidentally returns to her alcoholism at the hot spring, thus forcing her to spend money on a driving service to take everyone to the campsite. The show could not pick a more awkward and more perfect moment for this joke.

Last episode, we had Nadeshiko getting tired and falling asleep. Here, we learn that she’s not the only one. As the first day of the trip comes to a close, we see Rin succumbing to a serious case of fatigue. It makes sense considering that Rin started driving her moped in the early morning but man, does she look ready to hit the hay. Obviously by morning, Rin feels a lot better but it is concerning that she wakes up early again. I can see the fatigue creeping up on her as the day goes by.

In the middle of her descent into slumber, there’s a cute moment where Rin shows Akari how to make a proper campfire. Something I forgot to bring up in the Episode 9 review is that Akari admits that she’s not really into camping, certainly not to the same extent as her older sister. It’s interesting then to see Akari light up when she sees how an experienced camper makes a campfire and also realize that it’s not as difficult as she had perceived it to be. Honestly, I’d like to see these two interact some more. There’s potential in seeing them act as student and mentor and if anyone can convince Akari that camping is fun, it would most certainly be Rin.

As mentioned in the last episode review, Nadeshiko and Aoi are in charge of dinner for the first night of the trip. They get really clever with the cooking too; they first cook a hot pot and then they use the leftover soup to cook pasta with the alfonsino they bought last episode. Suffice to say, it’s all very mouthwatering. Not that it’s a competition but I’m curious to see how Rin, Chiaki, and Ena’s cooking will stack up against Nadeshiko and Aoi. Like, the latter two are arguably the best cooks out the main five. What are the other three going to do?

After dinner and a possible School-Live! reference, both Nadeshiko and Ena can’t go to sleep (what’s with these girls and their sleep schedules?) so the two decide to watch the ocean waves and catch up. Nadeshiko reveals she knows about Ena’s job (I can’t believe Nadeshiko’s mother betrayed Ena like that!) and assumes that Ena started working for the neverending grind that is camping equipment. Ena admits that to be partially the case but she also reveals that’s she working because she plans on getting a driver’s license once she turns eighteen. Why does Ena want to drive? It’s so that she can take Chikuwa to various places. That’s right, she wants to drive for her dog. Talk about life goals! Joking aside, there have been a couple of scenes where Ena talks about wanting to travel to Chikuwa so this development does check out. I also wonder if Ena got this idea after talking with Rin about Chikuwa’s inevitable passing back in Episode 2. Ena did say that she wants to spend quality time with her dog as much as she can so maybe getting a driver’s license is her way of realizing that desire.

The next morning, Rin wakes up earlier than everyone else so she decides to visit some geoparks on her own. Just like with last episode, I’m amused how this is a group trip and yet this show manages to sneak some solo adventuring for Rin. I can’t help but notice how many geosites Rin visits. At the beginning of the last episode, Chiaki tells the gang that she wants to visit as many of these places as Rin in a sort of competition (presumably one-sided). Evidently, Chiaki is going to have to give up on that as Rin has quite the lead now. Speaking of Chiaki, I laughed really hard when Rin sends Ena and Aoi an honest message on what she’s doing in the morning but with Chiaki, she vaguely and ominously tells her to not look for her. She knows her friends so well now! I’m curious what Rin texted to Nadeshiko.

After the ED, we’re treated with another installment of “Inu Inu Inko-san”, this time with both Inuyama sisters present. There’s not much to say about this one; it’s just Akari trying to make Mt. Fuji themed tokoroten for Aoi. I will add however that clearly, that cutter does not work as advertised…

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